Kosher Knife

The ultimate Schite Chalif

Kosher Knife evolved through necessity. Just a few years ago, the production of chalufim, or knives used in kosher slaughtering, had been complicated and costly. A new Shochet would have to invest sometimes thousands of dollars on knives just for practice, before he was able to earn a living. The knives were costly and they could break beyond repair during practice.

A new slaughter house opened in the Hudson Valley area and the need for Shochtim arose. Yet, since the job was not an easy one and there was a continual investment to be made, very few answered the call.

Isumer Meisels saw a need and invested himself to fill it. That’s when Kosher Knife was born. At first, he purchased $15 bread knives in the hardware store and altered them to resemble a regular Chalif. These were good for practice, but not for real slaughtering. Since the cost for practice was reduced, Isumer convinced 30 young men to apply for the jobs. But this wasn’t a full solution. A real Chalif had to be made.

Isumer contacted Icel, a cutlery manufacturer, and after two years of back-and-forth and much trial-and-error, the knife was finally perfected. The Isumer knife was born, a perfect shechita knife and at an affordable price. At the cost we offer, Shochtim are no longer hesitant to replace their knives regularly to ensure a true kosher Shechita.